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What to Know Before organizing Your Tour to Morocco

Morocco is a mega country having sixteen regions and sixty provinces. Its blue coasts, vast mountain ranges, desert dunes, sandy beaches, and many historic places offer foreigners to explore and enrich their experience being in Moroccan land. Hiking, trekking, quad riding, Sand skiing, tours to markets, delicious foods, and a lot of fun you’ll get when in Morocco. That’s all you’ll explore by yourself, important is to tell you about the things you actually have to know about Morocco. Do you think knowing where should you visit in Morocco is important for you to know? Follow me.


Where Should I Go in Morocco?

The answer to this question actually belongs to you, just need to know places and what those places offer. Morocco’s every region has its own importance with respect to its climate, traditions, customs, modern day development, and most importantly, it’s scenery. That would be up to you how you plan your tour.

The south region comes first where you will find Marrakech, the busiest city of Morocco with a lot of colors and traditions. That’s probably the ideal destination you will start and finish your trip. In the south in Morocco, not so far from Marrakech, you can also enjoy visiting the high atlas mountains and the graceful Marrakech plain. It is located on the North of Morocco surrounded by the Jbilat Hills and mountains.

The coastal cities like Tangier, Rabat, Casablanca, and Aljadid are on the North of Morocco. The region offers lengthy pleasant beaches. North also includes ancient imperial cities like Fez and Meknes located in an interior part of the region. Rif mountains also situated in the North, so whenever you are planning to go to Morocco, you should know at least anything about that region.


The western coast of Morocco have cities like Essaouira, the city of beautiful sceneries and the vast beaches. Morocco’s unique argan trees grow in a large number in this region. It includes more beautiful coasts and villages must visit.

The thing you can be more attracted towards maybe the Charming Sahara. The Sahara, located in the farthest south, consists of the rocky and sandy deserts. In Merzouga, you would have an opportunity to witness the sunset making silhouette with the long queue of camels making a beautiful scene. Spending night in the Sahara will also be unforgettable for you.

From the hustle and bustle of traditional and colorful Marrakech to the heights of stunning High Atlas region, Morocco has an incredibly diverse merge of geography, climate, and culture. Along with this diverse range of regions, we also need to know what is the right time to visit Morocco.

When is the Best Time to Visit?

Morocco can be visited at any time of the year taking into account the climate of its different regions and plan your trip accordingly. June to September is an ideal time to visit Northern Morocco but not the Sahara. If you are planning to visit Morocco in this season, pack your bags accordingly.

For Marrakech, the winters have the ideal season to visit. July is the warmest month and temperature might go above 38 degrees celsius. Average and ideal seasonal conditions can be found in October, November, and March, April, this is the best time travelers can feel comfortable and enjoy exploring the nooks of Marrakech.


When in Sahara, there is mostly a hot and uneven climate condition you will find during your Morocco Holidays. There are a lot of Morocco Tourist attractions in the land of diversity but if your direction is towards Sahara, you have to be prepared in advance about the adventure you are going to experience which you could never do living in Europe. Merzouga has a hot desert climate. August is the warmest month with average highest day temperatures of at around 40 degrees Celsius. December is the coldest month with average highest day temperatures of around 15 degrees Celsius. March, April, and May along with October and November are very pleasant months for temperatures in Sahara.

Things to Do in Morocco

Morocco has a lot of fun for travelers of all ages and prefrences. Morocco is full of opportunities for both adventure and relaxation, it has activities for travelers of all the ages and interests. Starting your tour for example from Marrakech, allow you to explore its traditional structure and the culture they preserve, but by the way, where will you find all this?

Exploring Souks and Medinas

That means the old parts of the city. If we see in London, Pakistan, India, and many other countries, old cities are mostly called the walled city areas. In Africa, Madina means an old city, Madina is the city center areas in Morocco, as Djama el Fna is the city center of Marrakech, an open area filled by day with musicians, snake charmers, fortune tellers, henna painters and much more; by night, outdoor restaurants are set up so that traditional Moroccan foods can be enjoyed in an enthralling atmosphere. Medinas of the other cities are many things yet to be explored.


Visit a Hammam

You could have not listened to this word before in Europe. Hammam is a traditional steam bath which is famous in Morocco as the tourist’s must to enjoy thing in their home, Morocco. If you are in Morocco or planning to visit the place, it is highly recommended to have that experience either with the cooperation of your riad, or the local Hammams in town. It is a very delighting experience, It guarantees to unwind and relax both mind and body.

Hiking in the Atlas Mountains

If you’re done with the relaxation on the Moroccan beaches, High Atlas mountains are waiting for you to summit. But only the feasible hiking is recommended if you are a first timer and not very known to the mountains. Toubkal is the highest summit in the High Atlas.

Camel Trekking in the Sahara Desert

For a more exciting experience of the desert environment, you must have to opt for the camel ride in Sahara you always dreamt for. Did you? I always saw the view of the camel trekking along with the dim sun going down, such an eye-catching view I always dreamt to gaze in real. I recommend you two things in Sahara, trek on Camel and have a night stay in Beduine styled tent in Sahara. That would be a tremendous experience in your life you would never be able to forget.


How Many Days Do I Need in Morocco?

If you are on fortnight trip to Morocco, You have plenty of the time to roam around Morocco, visit its traditional old and moderate parts, beaches, mountains, and whatnot. But if you have only one week to spend your quality time, you have to focus on your time management and the most importantly the Morocco tourists attractions, so that you can have an idea of where to spend your quality time.

With the cooperation of your travel guide, you may opt for the best days package with the fully planned visit to Morocco. My recommendation to you is to opt for a package which is half relaxing and half of the rest offers you the exploring and adventuring experiences, Good luck with your Itinerary.

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