• 07/05/2022
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Ways to Overcome Marketing Challenges on Instagram You Cannot Miss Knowing

There is no denying the fact that influencer marketing is growing with each passing day. According to numerous studies that have been carried out, it has been discovered that most of the marketers are planning to increase their budget for influencer marketing.

As the marketing industry continues to mature, marketers are using Instagram for driving real value to their business. Right from building brand awareness to driving sales, marketers are constantly using Instagram. However, whenever any channel proves to be successful, you are going to come across numerous challenges.

Given below is a list of the ways as to how you can overcome the challenges of influencer marketing.


Return on investment

According to, almost 76% of marketers have determined that the return on investment of the program of influencer marketing is the topmost challenge for them. The ideal way of generating a return on investment from this program is leveraging your content beyond the original campaign. This is not only going to help in improving the performance of the various other programs but will also be responsible for impacting the marketing mix completely. Marketers also revealed that they make use of influencer related content for improving the other channels. Within a few years, it is going to be observed that marketers will make use of influencer marketing for creating strategic blueprints, which will help in driving more return on investment from different kinds of media, owned, earned and paid.

Changing social algorithms

Amidst the newest requirement of Facebook, which requires influencers to tag their sponsored content on Instagram and Facebook through the content tool, it is a matter of concern for the marketers as they are of the thought that these social algorithms will be responsible for making the organic influencer contents less visible. This is one of the biggest challenges that marketers are facing.

Brands that are making use of this tool are going to have the transparent view as to how the programs of influencer marketing are performing organically, which includes the reach, engagement metrics, as well as impression. This is definitely a piece of good news for all the marketers, despite making influencer marketing even more expensive.

Lack of bandwidth

Almost every marketer on Instagram is responsible for running at least five influencer marketing programs for every brand, which can be extremely time-consuming. According to numerous studies, 25 hours or more is given behind managing every program. This is why marketers are looking forward to reducing the total time taken to manage the programs. In order to overcome this challenge, marketers are looking forward to partnerships for handling the programs.

Fake followers along with false engagement

With an increase in the popularity of Instagram, fake followers, as well as bot driven engagements, have also started growing. In order to combat this fraud, marketers are interested in looking only at real results, which include conversions, product sales, and download. You have to visit reputed websites if you are interested in getting genuine followers for Instagram.


You might be a marketer facing numerous challenges on Instagram. Ensure that you are considering the ways that have been listed above in order to combat these challenges so that you can be successful.

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