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Top 5 Hottest Corporate Event Trends For 2020

Gone are the days of events being confined to conventional conference halls and hotel rooms.Nowadays, corporate events trends that are unique and trendy continue to rise. With the rise in social media, events are all about aesthetic development and personalized experience to leave your guests breathless.

Companies are pushing boundaries and exploring new ideas for corporate events to provide a full experience to their guests. To create a unique experience, you have to be dynamic and let go of conventional rules. 2020 is time to be flexible and experiment with new ideas to find a perfect blend for your event this year.

5 Event Trends That Have Shaken Up Corporate Events in 2020

This year has seen a peak in interest in the new technology, aesthetic appeal, and renewed interest in unique venues. In short, the event industry has sailed from traditional cultures to more immersive hands-on experience. Here we have listed the top 5 hottest event trends for 2020 to help you spice up your event.


Destination Events

According to research by Experience Institute, almost 71% of the individuals consider event destinations before deciding to attend the event. Your event location is the most important deciding factor when it comes to attending a corporate event.

In 2020, instead of dreary traditional conference halls, companies are focusing on destination events. While your event marketing and the content will communicate to the people but don’t forget that the experience you offer has the power to differentiate you from your competitors, this is where unique event destinations come in. Make your meeting fresh by blending in business with exquisite destinations for relaxing. Here are some of the top event venues in most world-class business destination in the world – Dubai.

• Dubai World Trade Center
• Jumeirah Emirates Tower
• Atlantis, The Palm
• Burj Al Arab Jumeirah
• Burj Khalifa

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Digital World and Facial Recognition

In this digital world, with innovations in technology, the event industry has evolved a lot. One such technology is the use of facial recognition in the events. Top companies use this technology to increase the security of their events and make the check-in-process more personalized. Facial recognition can not only improve security at your events but also wow your guests.

Another digital trend is the use of multimedia screens and walls instead of print. Most tech-driven events also use multimedia floors that respond to pressure to create amazing visual platforms. These digital screens and touch kiosks and tables also increase engagement in your event, as people can explore your products and services. However, these digital wonders can be expensive, so it is recommended to consult a corporate event Dubai based company to help you acquire the best technology for your event.

Time Travel

Technology is continually evolving, and your attendees expect to experience the new technology at your events. What better way to create an immersive experience than using AR and VR technology? Big companies like Samsung and Apple, use these technologies to create an alternate reality where the individual can experience the product in a new and more immersive setting.

Use these techs to immerse your audience into the future and make them part of your event. Instead of telling the attendees your stories, help them see it, and show how far your business has come.

Edible Art and Food Stations

With visual social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, event catering and food haveentirely revolutionized. Now food does not just have to taste good, but it also has to look good too!

Edible art is a huge emerging trend in the event industry and is a great way to amaze your guests with unique dishes and art pieces. It also presents an excellent opportunity for social media buzz. With ingenious ideas like a chocolate fountain, desert mountains, and edible bouquets, you can captivate your guests and make your event much more memorable.

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Another hottest trend when it comes to event catering is the use of food stands and stalls in place of a traditional 3-course meal. Big companies are going with food stands in their events to give freedom of choice to attendees. They can choose their meals however and whenever they want. Some events also incorporate live food preparation when the event is taking place for a rich experience.


The world is growing globally, more aware of the impact of human actions and behaviors on planet earth. Therefore, one of the key trends not only in the event industry but also in other industrial sectors like cosmetics, hospitality, etc., is sustainability and going green. Thus people all around the world praise companies for holding sustainable and eco-friendly events.

Eco-friendly events present unique opportunities for innovation and offer an excellent opportunity to generate press around the event and give your brand a positive image. Going green sends a message to your attendees and customers that your brand is not only a corporate identity but is socially conscious about their duties. Here are a few ideas to turn your events eco-friendly and also cut the event budget.

• Start with something as simple as going paperless. Instead of printing invites, memos, brochures, and leaflets, use online technology like email, kiosks, and tablets.
• The location of your event presents a big opportunity to cut down on the carbon footprint of your event. Pick an easily walkable location for the event or provide lodging in the same hotel where the event is taking place to reduce transportation.
• When it comes to food, use biodegradable cups and reusable silverware.
• To reduce food wastage, go for food stalls instead of packaged meals and personalized catering.

It’s All About Perspective!

Events and creativity are all about perceptions and using these vast perspectives to plan fascinating and mesmerizing experiences for your guests. Events are all about aesthetic appeal, visual crafts, chandeliers, and more! Get planning and get in touch with a corporate events Dubai based expert to guide you at every step of the way to create a successful event.

So combine these hottest trends and to provide exceptional experiences to your guests and attendees so they won’t ever want to go home!

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