The Services provided by the Medical Billers for Physicians, Billing Companies and Patients
  • 07/05/2022
  • By Yuvi Mathpal
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The Services provided by the Medical Billers for Physicians, Billing Companies and Patients

The hospitals incur heavy expenditure in the process of providing medical services, buying expensive equipment and paying salaries to the staff members. So, they expect that the patients should pay fees on time. But sometimes, due to sudden illness, a person requires treatment but cannot pay the amount promptly. So, almost everybody is creating health insurance policies. But, yet these claims should be settled on time. So, the medical billers perform many important tasks in the process.

The different types of tasks performed by the medical billers in the process are the following:

Medical billing services for physicians

They drastically reduce their administrative expenses of the hospitals by performing different tasks. They secretly maintain the records of the patients and update the technological changes. They verify the insurance eligibility of the patients and also enter their personal information and settle their expenses. They verify the ICD and CPT codes to check if they correspond with the AMA approved codes. They transmit the expenses to the clearing house, handle denials, and also file claims whenever necessary.

Services for billing companies

They provide back-office support by providing medical billing and coding services to the patients. They secretly store the information of the patients. The control, renovate and amend the process of medical billing and coding whenever need arises. They effectively handle the amount that is to be paid by the patient by creating ‘accounts receivable’ account. They also access if the other staff members are paid promptly. They also explore different methods to save costs of the hospitals.

Billing solutions

They perform different types of tasks to the patients and hospitals. They provide complete revenue cycle management services to the patients. Apart from the other services, they also provide ICD and CPT coding services, pre-certification management services. Besides, they maintain the records of accounts receivable and collection management. They provide these services to the group practices and the individual practitioners also.

They provide the clean filing system, recovery of unpaid claims, maintain and provide daily reports so that they can analyze the data later on. They provide recovery to the unpaid claims. They effectively monitor and act as an interface with the billing system. They verify the insurance eligibility of the patients and access if every file is authorized. Also, they review the CPT and ICD codes and transmit the amount through e-claims. They provide reconciliation services of the files claimed by the patient. Periodically, they maintain the records of every patient. They accurately enter the patient’s insurance account into the online ledgers.

The physician credentialing and enrollment services that they provide include:

They maintain the CAQH profile of the physicians and collect information from the physician. They fill the applications of the patients and submit them for signatures. They regularly interact with the payers so that the information is entered accurately. If the amount is not entered correctly, then they make the suitable corrections. They maintain the record of Group ID so that the doctor is collecting amount from the insurance companies.

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