Peggy is the social marketplace to discover, buy and sell investment-grade contemporary art. The mission at Peggy is to support the livelihoods of artists.

Why? Because artists are the ultimate observers of society with messages to share that create change.

Investing in art gets complicated fast—it’s a whole world with its rules, codes, and lingo. Peggy simplifies art world complexities, expanding the opportunity for more people to build and grow their art collections. Peggy patent-pending digital fingerprint is core to streamlining the art world. The Peggy digital fingerprint enables collectors to buy and resell art seamlessly, and we pay artists and galleries royalties on all sales.

So, what does this mission look like in the world?

A world with art in every home. A world where liquidity in the art market is accessible to middle-market collectors.

A world where collectors support artists and their observations of the world, the messages they have to share, and the change they create.

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