Event Tickets Center

Experience is everything – From sports fanatics to music lovers and theater enthusiasts, Event Tickets Center connects audiences nationwide with the tickets they need to create memories that last a lifetime. Sophisticated marketing efforts and advanced technology have given ETC an edge to succeed in a highly competitive market. It’s an edge that has facilitated the company’s development into one of the largest ticket resale marketplaces in the nation.

Event Tickets Center’s started in 2005 with a vision to revolutionize practices in the world of digital marketing. Fascinated by the potential of the emerging online ticket industry, ETC Founder and CEO Adam Young applied his knowledge of logistics to tap into progressive digital marketing tactics.

Over time, Event Tickets Center grew to establish itself as one of the largest online resources for tickets to a variety of live entertainment events on a national level. Event Tickets Center has connected nearly 3 million customers across the country with the tickets they need to create the memories that last a lifetime. Trust us, it’s always better live.

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