citizenM is the answer to traditional hotel frustrations. Long queues in reception, closed kitchens when you arrive from another time zone, hidden charges, uneven standards… we get it. Our founder, Rattan Chadha, got it too. He thought there must be a better hotel experience out there, and if there wasn’t, he’d make it happen. And he did. He created affordable luxury for the people. 

This is how citizenM was born. Our first hotel opened at Amsterdam Schiphol in 2008. 19 hotels across three continents (EU, US and Asia) later, it’s still what we believe in. And it’s easy to stand out when you’re red and black in a sea beige.

citizenM is built for today’s modern savvy travellers, who don’t want to pay for what they don’t need. Instead, they want to stay in easily accessible locations in the world’s most buzzing cities, sleep in huge beds, and stay connected to the world with free unlimited Wi-Fi. They want affordable luxury. It’s a good thing we’ve got it in spades.

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