Some Hygiene Tips To Maintain Healthy Teeth Always
  • 07/05/2022
  • By Ahmed Zafar
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Some Hygiene Tips To Maintain Healthy Teeth Always!

Everyone loves having bright shining white teeth. You want to make your smile look as mesmerizing as possible.

In order to achieve these small milestones, you don’t need to start looking for the best dentist in Karachi, rather you need to follow a routine which can automatically lead to some healthy teeth. You always refer or visit a dentist for regular checkup and in case of in causalities in teeth. But only you can maintain your healthy teeth with some hygiene tips which are listed below.

Hygiene tips which are essential for your teeth

Clean Your Tongue:

Clean your tongue

While brushing your teeth, this is the part of the mouth which gets ignored all the time. well when you eat something your tongue helps in chewing; then don’t you think your tongue also needs some attention when it comes to maintain a hygienic routine. You can do this by using a tongue scraper every morning, this would help you in reducing all the tongue plaque and freshening up your breath. This could be one of the major causes of bad breath which is build up due to the bacteria on the tongue. Tongue scraper is far better than just ordinarily brushing your tongue with a tooth brush.

Eliminate Intake Of Sodas And Alcohol:

Eliminate Intake Of Sodas And Alcohol

There are so many people who love having red wine, black tea and even smoking cigarettes. All these things are not just bad for your overall health but also damaging for your teeth. So many people complain about having dingy teeth and what not, but have they ever realized on what is causing their teeth to turn to such way. All these things tend to stain your teeth. So, if you want to maintain a heathy oral care routine then you would have to let go all of these things. To remove the existing stains on your teeth, use goof bleaching agent which can whiten your teeth without making them weak.

Floss Your Teeth Regularly:

Floss Your Teeth Regularly

Flossing something very vital and essential for teeth, you can floss your teeth at any time of the day, but you need to make sure you do it at least twice a week. It helps in removing all the food which has been stuck to your teeth, because remember that brushing is not always enough. There are several parts of your mouth which your brush can’t reach and for such parts, we would recommend you floss your teeth.

Mouth Friendly Diet:

Some Hygiene Tips To Maintain Healthy Teeth Always

There are so many foods which are quite sticky in nature, when you consume such foods they stick to your teeth and also stain them something. You need to consumer foods that are firm or crisp as it can help you clean your teeth. Some of the example could be apples – it’s known to be the nature’s toothbrush. If you think you won’t be able to brush your teeth after eating due to some reasons you can opt for consuming detergent foods in your final meal. You would find it very convenient for your own self once you start eating foods which are beneficial for your teeth.


Well, when we talk about oral or dental hygiene, you should know that brushing your teeth won’t be enough. You need to insert some extra efforts to make sure that your teeth are healthy. We have listed all these hygienic tips which would help you in maintaining healthy teeth overall.

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