Reasons to Use Instagram for Boosting Your Brand’s Social Media Marketing
  • 07/05/2022
  • By Ariya Stark
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Reasons to Use Instagram for Boosting Your Brand’s Social Media Marketing

There are many popular social media platforms yet marketers are opting for Instagram for boosting their brands’ social media marketing. Instagram is regarded as the best and phenomenally popular social media platform just right for boosting engagement or enhancing your ability to connect as a brand with your followers. Instagram is predominantly a photo-oriented platform that attracts the younger generations much more as compared to other social networking sites. We know that Instagram has undergone a radical change from being merely a trendy hangout for teenagers to a super-serious social media platform with immense promise for all kinds of businesses. Instagram provides a wonderful opportunity to brands and businesses to reach their specific target audience with engaging and visually-attractive content.

As per at, “Launched as a unique photo-sharing social platform in 2010, Instagram now has one billion users. The mainly mobile platform is a must-have for Millennials, and now for Generation Z as well. And it’s not just a photo-sharing app anymore; it’s one of the most effective business builders around.” Thanks to the popularity and power of advanced smartphones, Instagram is the destination to head for carefully curated pictures that demonstrate the most interesting and unique aspects of somebody’s life.

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Instagram could go much beyond just pictures. Besides flaunting compelling pictures to your followers, you could come up with an attractive social media profile highlighting your brand’s business objectives, vision, and mission and you may showcase your products for effectively capturing leads and sales. Instagram may seem insignificant but in reality, it is a robust and versatile tool that your business must necessarily use for boosting your brand’s social media marketing. Do not forget that Instagram has already proven itself as an effective marketing tool just right for businesses wishing to boost their online visibility and overall online brand awareness and presence. If you are still not on Instagram, here are some of the reasons why you would like to be on this popular social media platform.

Web Users Are Spending a Lot More Time on Instagram

As per a study conducted by comScore, it was revealed that internet users in the United States spend roughly 12 billion minutes every month on Instagram. Even though web users spend more time on Facebook, they are spending a lot more time on Instagram as compared to many other social media platforms. This is an opportunity for businesses to make their presence felt in a really more image and niche-centric social network.

Great Platform for Boosting Your Brand Awareness & Online Presence

It could be a really challenging affair for small businesses to attract the attention of your target market on Facebook. With numerous businesses using Facebook, it could be quite tough to be found through on-site search and to stand apart from the rest of your competitors. However, Instagram is the best platform for small businesses to easily get noticed. Instagram is the right destination to head for small businesses that are trying to establish a niche for them and reach their targeted audience or market. Instagram has grown phenomenally over the last few years in terms of popularity and the overall number of users and there are absolutely no signs of this platform slowing down. Businesses that jump on the Instagram bandwagon now would surely be successful in establishing a niche for themselves in their industry before the competition gets too fierce to find a foothold.

You Could Boost Your Brand with Superlative Visual Content

Instagram gives you the golden opportunity to boost your brand image and overall online brand awareness with stunning visual content. The greatest advantage of Instagram is the accessibility to a broad spectrum of filters. You could utilize a host of amazing filters to give a whole new dimension, look or feel to all your pictures. You could use different filters to create the desired message and mood. Absolutely stunning high-resolution images would boost engagement and help you get numerous free Insta likes.

Instagram Is Instrumental In Driving Sales

As per Shopify, businesses would get an average order amounting to $65 thanks to Instagram referrals. You must know that it is second just to $66.75 for Polyvore. Obviously, most visits would not culminate in a conversion or purchase but those visits that result in a purchase would bring in higher revenue as compared to any other social media platform. We know that YouTube brings $37.63 order value on an average.

Visual Content Dominates as It Boosts Greater Engagement

Social media users today are more interested in seeing brands that post fascinating visual content. Today, a substantial amount of research reveals that visual content is presently the most crucial tactic businesses utilize for effectively optimizing their overall social media content. If you wish to keep all your Instagram fans and followers engaged, you need to post pictures such as image quotes, infographics, behind-the-scenes pictures, and graphics coupons. For attractive videos, you must post behind-the-scene clips and short tutorials for boosting engagement and eliciting views.

Instagram Acts as the Content-Producer for Other Social Media Platforms

Visual content is extremely popular not just on Instagram but also on Twitter and Facebook. Visual-centric posts are just right for YouTube, as well as, Pinterest. Instagram is in the habit of giving you the unique ability to seamlessly generate high-resolution, eye-catching pictures. You could utilize these images as appropriate and high-quality content for some other marketing platforms.

Instagram Videos Are Best for Obtaining Shares on Facebook

As per the research findings of Unruly, we understand that 9 out of every 10 Instagram video shares take place on Facebook. This is absolutely fantastic news for marketers hoping to bridge the wide gap between Facebook and Instagram. Users love to drive traffic and effectively share for everyone to see.


Apart from the above-discussed important reasons to use Instagram for boosting your overall social media marketing stratagems, we understand that Instagram provides the highest conversation rates. As per Shopify, for every 100 visitors, coming to your site, 1.08 percent would be converting or making a purchase. Having high rates of conversion could prove to be an unanticipated bonus coming from Instagram.

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