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  • 07/05/2022
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Introducing the Personal DEAL Finder Service

EDEALO has just launched its Personal Deal Finder service. Just like the website, using this service is entirely free.
 All you have to do is go to EDEALO’s Facebook Messenger and let us find you the Deal that best fits YOUR needs.

EDEALO provides Offers & Coupons from almost all parts of the World, from over 300 brands, spanning across many sectors, including (but not limited to) Travel, Fashion, Electronics, and many more. Multiply the number of categories by the number of locations and brands, and you’ve got a HUGE number of Offers posted on EDEALO. That’s where the Personal Deal Finder comes in. Th new service will guide you through EDEALO’s HUGE number of Offers to help you find the Offer(s) that suit your needs the most.

The Personal Deal Finder Service is partially automated via a bot, and partially manual via EDEALO’s representatives. The bot guides you through the Deals, and you have the option of chatting with an EDEALO representative for inquiries that aren’t covered by the automated bot.

Start saving money NOW by trying EDEALO’s Personal Deal Finder here








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