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  • 08/05/2022
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Performance Monitors with Nexcess Hosting

Nexcess is now including Performance Plugin Monitoring to all Managed WordPress and Managed WooCommerce hosting plans — at no additional cost.

This is a Nexcess Exclusive. No One Else is Doing This.

1. Plugin Performance Monitor

The Plugin Performance Monitor watches site performance every day and captures and compare the performance of the WordPress site before and after plugin or theme changes have been made. Website owners can see how the changes they’ve made have impacted their site’s performance.

Nexcess clients will be able to open the Nexcess Performance Monitor panel in their WordPress dashboard and see performance score changes, and the sources of those changes. We’re not just telling admins that a website is slow, we’re telling them where to look based on the changes made.

This added feature means that site and store owners can take immediate action to understand performance when shifts occur. And is included for free with all Managed WordPress and WooCommerce hosting plans by Nexcess.


2. Sales Performance Monitor

The Sales Performance Monitor gives merchants critical insights into the health of their online store revenue. Merchants are often unaware when their online store is experiencing degraded services. Most monitoring systems will alert a merchant when their entire site is down but not capture issues with payment processors or site slowness.

With Sales Performance Monitor our intelligence engine monitors transactions in the background and sends alerts on based on the sales trends of a store. This gives merchants much needed visibility and allowing them to get back on track if sales are slowing down.

When a store’s sales are slowing down or disappearing in a way that is “abnormal” to their specific trends, the monitor will send alerts to the WooCommerce inbox and emails will be sent to the store’s Admin(s). No configuration is needed, and is included in all Managed WooCommerce hosting plans by Nexcess.

Please let us know if you have any questions in the comment section below!

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