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$20 Off Promo Code at CodeAdvantage


$20 Off Promo Code at CodeAdvantage

Kids learn to program animations, video games, websites, apps, and more!

Your child can become a Certified Pro by following CodeAdvantage class progression to achieve expert status in block coding, game design, AND real world coding! CodeAdvantage award digital badges and certificates after completion of each coding module to acknowledge your child’s achievement!

CodeAdvantage specializes in fun brand exciting online coding classes. CodeAdvantage classes focus on teaching kids (age 5-14) the basics of coding through a variety of projects.

Kids learn to make their own animations, Minecraft and Roblox video games, websites, apps, and much more!

CodeAdvantage offer over 40 classes that use “real world” programming languages including Python, Scratch, Java, Lua, and HTML to appeal to different ages, interest, and levels of expertise.

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