125% LifeMiles BONUS on Avianca Airlines


Convert your points to LifeMiles and earn an additional 125% bonus!

Convert your accumulated points with hotels to LifeMiles  and earn an additional 125% miles bonus.

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Contact with the hotel and request the transfer of points.

Terms and Conditions

  • This Promotion is valid only to transfer points or miles from participating partners to miles of the LifeMiles program
  • LifeMiles grants a 25% bonus on the miles accrued on the member´s account, product of a transfer of points to LifeMiles. This bonus applies exclusively to participating partners.
  • The full list of participating partners in this promotion and the list of participating partners that offer additional bonuses can be found in LifeMiles.com. Each member is responsible for checking if the participant partner is involved in the promotion and their respective applicable bonus, before making the transfer.
  • For some of the participating partners’ programs, a charge for the transfer applies in accordance with their conditions or regulations, for which LifeMiles is not responsible. The minimum and maximum quantity of points/miles to transfer or convert to LifeMiles depends on the policies of each partner. Before transferring the points/miles to LifeMiles, the member is responsible of consulting with the partner about its regulations, conditions and charges.
  • The transfer of points or miles from participating partners to LifeMiles can also be made to family or friends accounts, according to LifeMiles policies, whenever permitted by the policies of your issuer partner.
  • Neither Miles earned through transfer nor bonus Miles earned with this promotion apply to obtain or maintain the LifeMiles Elite Status.
  • The LifeMiles bonus along with your Miles will be credited no later than one week after the participating partner reports the request of miles transfer.
  • LifeMiles is not responsible for the transfer report request by the partner or by the time each partner takes in doing so.
  • Once the points are transferred to LifeMiles, the transaction cannot be reversed.
  • Upon completion of the transfer, Terms and Conditions of the LifeMiles Program apply
  • Ask participating partners of your interest for additional regulations
  • LifeMiles is a trademark of LifeMiles LTD.


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In Short

Convert your accumulated points with hotels to LifeMiles and earn an additional 25% miles bonus.

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