Discount SALE on Crystal Maze Tickets at Ticketmaster


 Discount SALE on Crystal Maze tickets in London and Manchester.

Ticketmaster has an exclusive booking period for both venues, with one week in October for London and September/October in Manchester.

Terms and Conditions

You cannot play The Crystal Maze if you are pregnant.
You cannot play The Crystal Maze if you have consumed alcohol or drugs.
Booking tickets to The Crystal Maze means you accept the Terms and Conditions: Here
The Crystal Maze Manchester is only suitable for guests aged 13+. Guests aged 13-17 must be accompanied by a playing and paying 18 year old.
You must arrive at least 30minutes before the time of your booking. Failure to do so may result you in not being admitted to the show.
The Crystal Maze offers no refunds under any circumstances.
If you book a team of less than 8 people you may have other audience members added to your team.
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