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50% Off SALE at Three


Three have launched an exciting offer with a six-month discount on our 24-month unlimited data SIM, as well as handsets with unlimited plans for 24-months.

For the first six months of the customer’s contract they will be charged 50%, making our market leading offers even more appealing!

Top features:
– Pocket-sized WiFi access for use on the move – Roam in 71 destinations worldwide – Connect 10 devices at once and get friends and family online – Monthly rolling contract is stress free – Go Binge offers unlimited streaming and downloads without using up data

Additional information:
The pocket-size Three WiFi E5573Bs-322 Pay Monthly 4G Mobile WiFi can be used anywhere to create a secure WiFi hotspot. Whether you’re tweeting at the beach, or have to deal with work emails while on holiday, you can create a secure connection away from home.

All pay monthly mobile broadband devices must be taken with a 30 day rolling contract.

Roam in 71 destinations
Even while on holiday, you won’t lose connection.The Mobile WiFi is able to roam to 71 destinations, 49 in Europe and 22 worldwide, so your connection will be just the same abroad as it is on your sofa at home.

Connect ten devices at once
If you’re out on a lads’ holiday, you can get all of your mates online at once. Connect ten different devices simultaneously within your own private hotspot.

Monthly rolling contract
Enjoy the flexibility of always having 30 days notice in which to cancel the contract. It’s just like a smartphone contract, and gives you data without the need to top up.

Go Binge
Downloading episodes on Netflix and albums on Apple Music can burn through your data quickly. With Go Binge and Three E5573Bs-322 Pay Monthly 4G Mobile WiFi, you need never stess about running out again. Just head over to partner sites like Deezer, TVPlayer or SoundCloud and enjoy unlimited viewing and listening without the annoying data usage warnings.

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