1st book FREE at Beans & Sparks

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1st book FREE at Beans & Sparks

The beans&sparks club (www.beansandsparks.com) is a monthly subscription service offering inspiring personalised children’s books, designed to help each child on their own personal growth journey.

1st book FREE at Beans & Sparks

By personalising books each little reader can to do more than just identify with their heroes, they can become them, and experience each fun learning outcome as the main character and as the reader. With EASY themes – Emotions, Adventure, Science and creativity – ensure a range of varied and interesting stories.

Emotions: the stories in this category explore feelings and social situations, helping children to build confidence and make sense of their place in the world.

Adventure: the children starring in these stories can explore new destinations, take on daring challenges and have exciting new experiences.

Science: this category focuses on helping children to explore how things work in the real world, prompting them to test their own interesting theories and ideas.

Creativity: in these stories, children learn the wonders of creative expression and they’re encouraged to explore their own artistic and imaginative talents.

At beans&sparks we know that when our children are engaged and entertained, they learn naturally and with a sense of ease and happiness.

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Jennifer Lyttle

9 months ago

This a/c needs to be cancelled as my mother who does not understand everything because of dementia she just ordered a free book cud u please cancel her a/c ASAP

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