Discount Coupon at Foodhub

30% Off Discount Coupon at Foodhub


30% off for new customers to Foodhub on their first order – £5 New customers on their first order only with Discount Coupon at Foodhub

Foodhub is a food delivery platform with a wide selection of takeaway partners across the UK.

Whether customers fancy pizza, kebab, curry, noodles or fish & chips for lunch, dinner or as a treat, Foodhub has it covered. On average, Foodhub customers saves 15% on their meal as compared to Just Eat, even though they are buying the same meal from the same takeaway.

Foodhub do not charge a cheeky service fee like our rivals and what’s more, we do not charge commission to Takeaways for being on the platform; a fair deal for them and a great meal for our customers!

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