OVOBoom – XXL $99.95 DEAL at Ovo Mobile


Ovo Mobile | 250 GB For $99.95/30 days

OVOBoom – XXL is a perfect alternative to fixed broadband for streaming, movies and gaming. With mobile broadband you can take your internet connection with you wherever you go – it uses the Optus 4G Plus network, so it is superfast and reliable!

With OVOBoom – XXL you’ll get:
250 GB mobile broadband for general internet use
The option to BYO modem or buy one when you sign up
Reliable mobile broadband for streaming of TV, radio and movies
Unlimited data-free entertainment and sport streaming on OVOPlay

With OVOBoom – XXL you can choose to buy a small portable modem or a broadband router or BYO SIM-capable device. With our broadband router (or a BYO modem) you’ll be able to connect multiple devices, including mobile phones and tablets, smart devices and your TV or media centre over WiFi.

With our prepaid mobile broadband plans you’re not locked into an expensive long term contract, you don’t need to pay for hardware that you don’t need and even better there are no connection fees.

When you sign up to OVOBoom – XXL you’ll receive a SIM card, which you’ll need to activate on our network. As soon as it’s active you’ll be able to set up your home WiFi network ready to go.

When you’re up and running you’ll be able to stream TV, movies, play games or anything else that you use the internet for.

You’ll also be able to live stream unlimited sport, esport and entertainment on our app – OVOPlay. When you’re signed, in everything on OVOPlay is data-free and yours to enjoy!

And, like all our plans, with OVOBoom – XXL you automatically benefit from our Fans First promise. That means when we make improvements we’ll give you access to our best value plans. It’s our promise to treat you right and show you that we believe in good old-fashioned customer service where you come first.

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In Short

OVOBoom - XXL is a perfect alternative to fixed broadband for streaming, movies and gaming.

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