$5 First Month Service DEAL at Tello

$3 All Plans DEAL at Tello


Tello Turns 3, get any plan at $3

Fun fact: we love a good symmetry, we’re suckers for poetry and have a sweet tooth for great deals! That’s why it made sense for us to treat new customers that join Tello to a one of a kind offer: all plans are only $3!

You can choose any plan combination you like and get 500MB or even 10GB plus unlimited talk & text for just $3. The offer works like a charm, with no coupon needed. Tello Newbies need to create an account, bring their own phone or get one from us, build their plan & enjoy the savings.

This offer is valid for the first month of service only. After that, you have to pay the regular price for the plan you’ve chosen. Remember, we have no contracts or extra fees and you can upgrade/downgrade anytime, for free.

More Surprises

Existing customers get free account credit on us! If you buy a certain phone plan combination, you are rewarded with Tello Dollars, as follows:

-If you buy 3GB + unlimited talk & Text, you get $10 account credit

-If you buy 4GB + unlimited talk & Text, you get $15 account credit

-If you buy 10GB + unlimited talk & Text, you get $20 account credit

Use this bonus account credit (aka Tello Dollars) to pay future phone bills or even add it up to get a new phone from us. If you want to earn more credit, refer a friend to Tello.

The 2nd surprise for our customers goes to a special list of 10 VIP clients that get a free plan of $39 for one month. Our anniversary month is free of charge for them!

Double your Data With Tello Mobile for the next 6 months for any plan between 200MB - 10GB

Tello offers a clean, upfront service with no fees whatsoever. Its monthly plans are fully customizable, as the customers can choose any amount of minutes, texts, and data, including Pay As You Go credit, that can even be used to make international calls. Plans are automatically renewed every 30 days. The national minutes included in plans are also valid for calls to Canada and Mexico. Cell phone plans can be upgraded, downgraded, or renewed at any time, for no charge at all. Another perk of the service is free tethering: Tello customers can share data free of charge with other devices.

Besides being flexible when it comes to plans, Tello is also the only wireless carrier rated as ?Excellent?, as a result of more than 1000 reviews from its customers on Trustpilot, a famous review website getting roughly 500,000 genuine testimonials about thousands of businesses each month.

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Tello Turns 3, get any plan at $3

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