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iphone XR

5 years ago

i think you will notice a similar though not quite so pronounced in the CFL technologies too what good is a lightbulb that saves some money over the course of its expected life when they burn out in 1/4 of the time than incandescent they are trying to replace while costing 10 to 100 times more and in the case of CFLs come with dangerous mecury. Just love those savings! You may say that led bulbs fix some of the short comings of the cfl but at the cost of more material and more dangerous materials the dispose of at the end of their lifetime where as with the trusty incadescent it is mostly sand and metal its far easier to recycle too.. I think after the pros and cons are weighed none are a perfect technology so the best course of action imo is non polluting renewable power generation… And then maybe they can stop trying to take away our inefficent durable incandescents.

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