6th Trip FREE Coupon at Uber Middle East

6th Trip FREE Coupon at Uber Middle East


Take your travel (and your money) further

Start using Mastercard to pay for your Uber trips and get in on some exciting rewards. Get every 6th ride for free*, when you pay for your Uber trips using your Mastercard. 1 trip, 2 trips… 6th trip free. Just think of it as an everyday reward you’ll never forget to use.

How it works

For new user

  1. Download the Uber app for the first time and sign up
  2. Select ‘Payment’ from the Uber app menu, tap ‘Add payment Method’ and input your eligible Mastercard card details
  3. Navigate to the promotions tab and enter your country’s promo code to save 50%* on your first 3 rides.
    • Coupon 1 in Egypt
    • Coupon 2 in Qatar
    • Coupon 3 in Saudi Arabia
    • Coupon 4 in UAE.

*The discount on each ride is capped at EGP 10 in Egypt, QAR 20 in Qatar, SAR 15 in Saudi.

How it works

For existing users

  1. Open the Uber app on your mobile phone
  2. Select ‘Payment’ from the Uber app menu, tap ‘Add Payment Method’ and input your Mastercard card details
  3. The Mastercard Punch card will appear in the Uber App
  4. Enjoy every 6th Uber ride free* when you pay with your eligible Mastercard card.

*Max value per free ride up to EGP 35 in Egypt, QAR 40 in Qatar, SAR 35 in Saudi Arabia and AED 50 in UAE.

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1 year ago

I usually use the coupons and they give as a few discount , very useful .

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