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edealo personal deal finder service
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  • 08/12/2017

Introducing the Personal DEAL Finder Service

EDEALO has just launched its Personal Deal Finder service. Just like the website, using this service is entirely free.

mall of egypt opens
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  • 01/03/2017

The state-of-the-art Mall of Egypt is now officially open!

Cairo’s much-anticiapted Mall of Egypt has finally opened its doors to Egyptians on March 2. The state-of-the-art Mall of Egypt is the first shopping destination of its kind in Egypt. Mall of Egypt will be the hub of the best local and international retailers including an unmatched high-end fashion offering of world-renown brands. Mall of Egypt will also

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  • 03/02/2017

Win eBay Gift Card

eBay Gift Card for $10 by

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  • 01/01/2017

Marriott Rewards Gold Status

How to get Marriott Rewards Gold Status in 6 Stays!

best 2016 books
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  • 28/12/2016

Best of 2016 Books

2016 was particularly generous in its vast array of literary works – from biographies to science fiction, and everything in between.

best 2016 tv shows
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  • 28/12/2016

Best of 2016 TV Shows

Whether drama, comedy, or action; everybody has a favorite TV show that they can’t get enough of.

best 2016 apps games
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  • 28/12/2016

Best of 2016 Apps & Games

Throughout the year, EDEALO has been providing you with the best DEALS on paid Apps and games, so you can save a lot on them.

best 2016 music
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  • 27/12/2016

Best of 2016 Music

From one hit wonders to seasoned artists, 2016 was a full-course meal of hit songs and albums that catered to virtually every possible taste.

best 2016 movies
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  • 24/12/2016

Best of 2016 Movies

It’s been a very interesting year in the movie business. From blockbusters to indies, 2016 literally had something for everyone, ourselves included!

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  • 15/12/2016

New Year’s Eve Packages at Ritz Carlton Hotels in Middle East

New Year’s Eve celebrations are just around the corner. Ritz Carlton Hotels have many hotels across the Middle East. Here we bring you a list of four packages of gala dinners, suites and fire works at the most lively night of the year.