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It Takes Just Three Steps ToGrow Email List With Instagram

Instagram can help you to grow your business. Period! However, simply having an Instagram account is not enough because growing your business with it is not limited to getting more likes and comments or even gaining more followers. In fact, the best way to ensure that Instagram or your Instagram followers help you to grow your business is to take your relation with your followers off the platform and towards their inbox.

This may come to you as a surprise wondering what on earth the old, traditional and the nearly obsolete (well that is what you think) email has anything to do in this modern era of social media. The fact is that email has still got to do a lot when it comes to marketing a business or product.

In fact, experts say that it is one of the best ways in which you can establish a relationship with your audience that is strong and ongoing. Why? This is because emails will enable you to establish a direct contact with your potential customers.

emailReasons to integrate
Therefore, it will make a lot of sense if you use this most popular photo sharing app to build your email list. There are different reasons that experts put forward for using your followers for Instagram for your email marketing efforts. One such reason is that they say it is hard to say with a guarantee that every email that you send to every person will be opened by the recipient. However, you will at least know that they have got it.

Apart from that, they say that it will help you to send all necessary and relevant information to all your Instagram followers in spite of the likelihood that they might miss out some of your daily Instagram posts due to the new Instagram algorithm. The important information may include:

• Any upcoming product launches
• Your latest blog posts and
• Any new arrivals.

All will be sent straight to their inbox.

On the other hand, with social media and especially the new algorithm of Instagram,you will not have any control over the number of your followers who may even see your posts. Therefore, if you want to leverage Instagram for your business, it is important that you capture the email address of each of the recipient or person that comes across your Instagram feed. This will help you to build your own community and eventually help you to grow your business.

Steps to follow

It is great to have a lot of Instagram followers but it will be even better if you can collect their contact details. This will provide you with the power to reach out to them as and when you want. With that said, people today are very cautious about spams, other online frauds and cyber security threats and therefore they may not indulge their email address, even if you ask them very nicely and politely. They will always wonder what is in it for them.

Consider this to be an exchange and not a free handout. Therefore, if you want to capture the precious email addresses of your Instagram followers you will first need to ensure that you are trading something that your audience will find valuable. There are ideally three simple steps in which you can grow your email list with Instagram.

Create an opt-in:
You should think of creating an incredible and irresistible opt-in. When you do so consider a few facts such as:
• Who is your ideal customer or client?
• What can you offer of value to them so that they will not think twice and signup?

This is called the Lead Magnet. This lead magnet does not have to be a free eBook. There are lots of other things that you can offer to your customers as a free opt-in. Some of these are:

• A coupon or a special offer for the subscribers
• A free worksheet or download
• A challenge or a contest with a reward
• A minicourse and
• A free sample.

Remember, if you properly incentivize your followers you will automatically raise the chances of them signing in.

Create a custom landing page:
Once you have determined what to offer as a free gift for your Instagram followers, you must now focus on creating a customized landing page where most of the action will take place. This is a very crucial aspect since you will askyour followers to leave Instagram for signing up with you for something. Therefore, it is paramount that you make it as easy as possible for your followers to perform such an action.

For example, attracted by your offer for a free perk, if they do not get to visit the page where the perk is and instead on the home page where they will have to search where to sign up they will surely get frustrated and agitated. They will leave your site quickly, never to return. Therefore, if you do not have a proper landing page it is highly likely that you will lose leads easily.

A proper landing page that is linked with your Instagram bio will ensure that:
• You communicate better with your audience and message
• You know how to drive more traffic with a traceable link in the blog post
• You can direct your followers easily exactly where you want they should enter their email and
• The followers will get to know they will get in return.

When you have the Instagram followeron your email list, it will seem that the possibilities for establishing communication through newsletters, sales funnels and email blastsare almost endless.

Call to action:
This is a ‘must have’ element in your Instagram Bio. Without a compelling CTA you may miss out on sign-ups even if you have made the most amazing and alluring opt-in offer. Just like you Instagram bio must be well-written it must also have a strong call-to-action.

Since Instagram will continue to change, you will need to follow the current trend to leverage it for your email marketing campaigns.

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