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  • 07/05/2022
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How to Become a Better YOU in 2018

At the start of every year, we tend to reflect a lot on what has happened, and plan a lot for what is to come.The beginning of a new year signals a time for changes and new beginnings. It’s the time that many of us reach the decision and intention to change one or more aspects of our lives. And hence the invention of the New Year’s Resolution concept.
There’s a problem with new year’s resolutions, however. We tend to start the year fully determined to put our resolutions into action; and as the year unfolds, they seem to fade away. That’s why we decided this year to give you ideas to put one single resolution into action. Our simple and actionable resolution for the year 2018 is… Learn Something New!

Be it for personal or professional reasons, learning a new skill is something that can be immediately and easily put into action. With the current abundance of online courses, you can start acquiring your new skill NOW, and get through with it at your own pace. All of it for the ultimate goal of becoming a better YOU!

Below are some ideas for courses that you can start learning immediately this year. Like everything else we do here on, we brought you the courses that have the best value for money, so none of these courses will cost a lot. Hope you enjoy your learning experience, and hope 2018 brings about a better and happier version of YOU. Happy New Year everyone!

Happiness & New Beginnings

Living from the Inside Out

An invitation to live an impossibly wonderful life.

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Happiness Life Coach Certification

Become a Certified Happiness Life Coach! Learn powerful tools and strategies to help your clients find their happiness.

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Habits and Happiness|New Routines|Positive Psychology Tools

Better Habits, New Routines, More Happiness and Improved Wellbeing. The Science of Happiness – Psychology and Happy Life.

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Photography Masterclass: Your Complete Guide to Photography

The Greatest Online Professional Photography Class: How to Take & Sell Photos for Beginners & Advanced Photographers

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Elevate Your Photography – Learn Essentials of Great Photos

Study 100 great photographs to learn their keys to success. An array of genres – landscape, travel, portrait, food.

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Stress Management

Neuroplasticity: How To Rewire Your Brain

How to develop mental flexibility, change habits, stop procrastination and alter memories based on neuroscience research

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Anger Management Techniques That Actually Work

How to Control Anger so You Can Feel Good, Have Better Relationships and Reduce Stress – Anger Management Techniques

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Ninja Writing: The Four Levels Of Writing Mastery

Turn Your Business Writing, Blogs, Books & Essays Into Masterpieces

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Writing With Flair: How To Become An Exceptional Writer

Ex-Wall Street Journal Editor Shows How To Make Your Blogs, Books & Business Writing Sparkle

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Public Speaking

Acumen Presents: Chris Anderson on Public Speaking

The Head of TED Teaches You How to Deliver Talks that Share Powerful Ideas

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The Complete Presentation and Public Speaking/Speech Course

From page to stage; learn everything you need to know about giving a great speech for business & personal presentations.

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The Art & Science Of Drawing / Basic Skills

Drawing is not a talent. It’s a skill anyone can learn.

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The Secrets to Drawing

A comprehensive video and ebook course designed for people wanting to learn the core concepts of drawing.

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Digital Marketing

Digital Body Language

You will learn what your digital brand says about you through your social media pictures, website and more.

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Ultimate Google AdWords Course 2017–Stop SEO & Win With PPC!

Learn how our clients have transformed their sales using google AdWords & get your AdWords certification!

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Start and Run a Successful Web Design Business from Home

Start your own web design business this week by following this step-by-step action course and make your goal a reality

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