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How do we choose a Seat on an Air Canada Flight

Taking the right seat on the aircraft during an air travel is the best way to make your flight experience more pleasant.

While Air Canada assigns seats to passengers at random during airport check-in, they do allow passengers to select a preferred seat in some ways.

Air Canada allows you to choose a seat free either for a charge, up to 2 hours prior to departure.

If you’re wondering that how do I choose my seat on Air Canada, you can read the information explained below.

Steps to choose your seat via My Bookings tab

  • To begin, open a browser and go to Air Canada’s official website
  • From the home page of the website, go to the My Booking section
  • Then, in the designated area, enter your ticket number or booking reference
  • After that, type the passenger’s last name from the ticket in the specified slot
  • Then press the search button to see a list of your booked flights on Air Canada
  • After that, you must navigate to a particular flight to check the seat assignment
  • Then you can choose a preferred seat from the available choices from seating arrangement
  • Finally, save your travel by paying the relevant advanced seat selection fee


Steps to choose your seat when you check-in

  • Visit the Air Canada website or access the mobile app
  • Then from the Air Canada website’s home page and click on the check-in tab
  • Next, in the designated section, enter your booking reference and passenger’s last name
  • After that, you can look at the seat assignments and choose a preferred seat on the flight
  • Finally, check-in to your Air Canada flight after selecting your preferred seat


These are the choices offered by Air Canada to passengers who prefer to select a seat ahead of time instead of waiting for a random seat allocation by them.

Besides that, if you have any other concerns about Air Canada’s flight reservations, you can reach their customer service department for immediate assistance.

You can always book your Air Canada tickets with Expedia or Sky Scanner.


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