Focusing On Ads And CTAs To Appeal To Customer Emotions Is Rewarding For Startups
  • 07/05/2022
  • By Kelly Wilson
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Focusing On Ads And CTAs To Appeal To Customer Emotions Is Rewarding For Startups

One of the best ways to reach out to more and more customers as well as make a long lasting impression is to create better ads that will make a huge impact. In order to do this, startups should appeal to the emotions of their customers.

This is perhaps the best way to make sure that the customers understand the value of your brand and the potential of your product or services to resolve their issues in the best possible ways.

Since customers are the most significant players to make or break a business, as a startup it is your prime importance to make sure that you cater to their needs and demands, no matter how diverse these are. Therefore, you should focus on creating ads that will tickle their emotions driving them towards making a buying decision.

Creating better ads

There are lots of studies and researches conducted that have revealed that customers buy a product that they ‘feel’ good about and think that it will be beneficial for them to own it. The best way to ensure that is to make them feel that way through your ads.

When it comes to creating a compelling ad you must consider the emotional factor because several studies have also revealed that:

  • Any emotional advertisement outsells logic
  • The Emotions factor affects heavily the buying decisions for consumers
  • These ads are more effective than those ads that only provide a few simple facts and information.

When you consider a few of the most successful ads that went viral across different platforms in the social media channels and others you will see that the ads that are shared mostly relied heavily on the emotional aspects to create more brand awareness. These emotional aspects related to several things such as:

  • Friendship
  • Warmth
  • Happiness
  • Inspiration and even
  • Fear
  • Surprise
  • Anger and others.

If you wonder how these emotional factors in your ad content can effectively connect with your target audience then here are a few examples:

  • Happiness: When it comes to the happiness aspect you will have to create ads that have a positive angle in it. This will help you to create an atmosphere that will involve and encourage smiling, laughing and other signs of happiness. In turn it will result in an increased user engagement. You can use several creative and appealing taglines with the featured photos that will leverage the emotional content in your brand to reach out to more and more consumers.
  • Fear and surprise: Fear is something that people often experience in any field and any time of their life and in business as well. This is a feeling or an instinctive felling that will typically trigger specific and prompt reactions to threats. This in a way will boost the chances of your survival as a business startup. This is because it will create a sense of urgency in you in fear of losing your customers and in turn your business. It will prompt you to act and act fast to bring about a change that will drive more customers towards your business.

Even at times it is seen that anger can spur people to make a specific action, though it is considered to be a negative emotion.

However, when you implement such strategies in your business marketing campaign you must exercise caution so as to make sure that you do not upset your consumers and turnthem off and away from your brand.

You must make sure that you create ads that will cause your target audience to ask a few important questions about your product to them or to you as well. In such matters, it is only an emotional content that will be especially helpful to you to connect with your target audience and drive more sales. When you have more sales you will have more revenue and profits that will help you to keep on going without even requiring to fund your business from any external sources such as a bank, any online source such as peer to peer lender.

Call to action

No ad is complete without a strong, clear, and compelling call to action. However, once again you must be cautious here so that you do not make yourself feel like you are more interested in making a sale, though it really is your primary objective.

While creating your CTAs you will need to keep in mind that you want more of ‘polite handraisers’ rather than a lot of ‘bullish interrupters’.Therefore, you will need to keep a few things in mind such as:

  • It must address different stages of the journey of the buyer so that they are more comfortable while making a buying decision.
  • You must also avoid giving your potential customers a limited range of options that may be confined to ‘contact us’ ‘book an appointment’ or ‘call today’.

Yes, these CTAs are important and also work well exceptionally well if these are placed strategically. However, these CTAs will never lead to high rate of conversions of the potential leads. Therefore, you will need to focus on making some offer that will give more value to the leads.

It is all common sense playing here when you want to switch your marketing manager with a sales person. Therefore, this is what you need to exactly for the best results, guaranteed.

Idea for closing

Closing it up with an idea of articulate marketing will be even better for your startup business. The idea is to engage the people further once they contact you. You can do that with further lead nurturing efforts such as including CTAs in your emails. This will provide you with a greater opportunity to qualify them as your subscriber. It will also help the customers to invest time, trust and money in your startup business making it a success.

Therefore, make sure that your CTAs represent real progress towards the business goal, motivate people, raise curiosity, and provide value and reward more than make it look like a desperate plea for clicks.


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