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  • 23/09/2022
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BigCommerce Breaks Down What the Future of Shopping Looks Like

As we march into a new era of ecommerce, brands will need to keep pace with the major forces driving consumer behavior. That’s why BigCommerce is excited to share with you their Global Consumer Report: Current and Future of Shopping Trends.

In this report, BigCommerce surveyed 4,222 consumers and combined the findings with search trends and data from Google to help you understand consumers’ behavior now — and into the future. It was revealed that current trends are shaping the way consumers buy from brands, as well as how emerging trends are poised to transform how consumers shop.

The fact is, numerous factors are influencing the ways consumers buy online and brands will need to keep up with current consumer behavior trends in order to make smarter business decisions. But, what does the future of shopping look like?

Future of Shopping

Thanks to the Global Consumer Report, you’ll learn:

  • How sustainability and brand values impact loyalty
  • Which consumers are most willing to shop in the Metaverse
  • The biggest blockers for paying with crypto
  • and more!

Check out and share this report to explore the top consumer behavior trends poised to transform the future of commerce. From crypto and NFTs to the Metaverse, data privacy, and more, BigCommerce is helping businesses make the right decisions when responding to their customers’ wants and needs.

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