• 07/05/2022
  • By Kelly Hancock
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An Ultimate Guide To Water Flossing


To avoid dental cavities and oral health problems, it is recommended to brush your teeth and then floss them. Many dentists believe that flossing is more important that brushing itself . If you are not a fan of flossing with thread, water flossing is just for you.

It helps you to avoid hurting your gums and helps avoid bleeding gums as well. A water flosser is a valid and easier addition to traditional floss.

What is water floss?

Water floss is done through the device. You need to fill its water storage with water and then turn it on. This device is designed to create high-pressure streams of water to clean between your teeth, around your mouth cavity and gums. You can buy your water floss device at a pharmacy or order it online. You can find both cordless and cord options.

If you are a person who is not able to floss due to lack of mobility, or you are requested with the following gum bleeding, you are a perfect candidate for water floss devices.

Does it work?

Water floss works very effectively and is a great addition to regular flossing. The reason is the water floss can reach areas of the mouth that your toothbrush cannot. Total removal of plaques and debris helps to maintain the mouth cavity health and avoid bacteria related gum problems.


It is highly recommended to avoid complete replacement of a water flossier with traditional flossing. It is rather to be used as a compliment and a great addition to your dental care kit.

Benefits of a water flosser

  • Gum bleeding

This technique of flossing does not hurt your gums. In the traditional method of dental flossing, you can easily hurt your gums due to a lack of control and hard thread material. You can prevent gum bleeding using this technique of flossing.

  • Mouth wash and a floss

Not not only creates a clean mouth by working as an effective mouthwash. It also works as floss and cleans between the teeth. It removes and food pieces stuck in the mouth and plaques between and around teeth. The irregular water pulsation helps to give you better control while using it.

  • Reaching to unreachable corners

It helps you to get rid of plaques and germs in every corner of your mouth. It keeps you your mouth bacteria-free.

  • Better handling

You require less manual dexterity while using a water flosser; it helps you to achieve a great result with fewer efforts. This makes a great option for patients with dental cavities, root canals and people who are using braces. Generally, people with a lack of viability as well can benefit from using water flossers.

  • Budget-friendly

Once you have purchased the device, there will be no other costs involved.

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Water floss is a great solution. To keep your mouth healthy. Read the manual before using to access most of its feature; There are various tips to perform different tasks such as tongue cleaning. Keep your mouth bacteria-free with the help of a water flosser.

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Kelly Hancock, RDH

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