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  • 01/06/2022
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ADT Home Security: Get a Free Quote at ADT!

With 24/7 monitoring as standard ADT Home Security team are ready to react to alerts meaning an ADT alarm is never ignored. With over 2,000 security experts nationally and more than 147 years of experience, they provide home security that you can always rely on.

Monitoring & Maintenance

An ADT alarm never goes unanswered. As soon as the UK monitoring centre receives a confirmed activation we take action. And with round the clock technical support and daily checks from the ADT Remote Operating Centre, they can ensure your system is always working and even fix up to 80% of issues remotely – it’s support that never sleeps.

All-inclusive service

Only ADT offers an all-inclusive service and maintenance plan for every home security package. So, while other systems may appear cheaper, the cost of keeping your alarm in peak condition can soon add up.


Expert installation

DIY alarm systems often rely on the customer to install the hardware, which is all OK until it’s not OK – and you don’t want it to fail when you need it most. ADT rely on a team of 4,000 professional engineers, who are often personally praised on Trustpilot. They make sure everything’s set up perfectly.

Tailor-made for you

Off-the-shelf security just isn’t for them. That’s why every one of our security packages is designed around you and your home. From systems that recognise your pets to cutting edge ADT Smart Services app, for ADT security is always personal.

Shop the Home Security Products and Add-ons


Having the right home security can make a life-changing difference to families. Every ADT security product gives you added peace of mind. They include wireless security systems complete with life-saving smoke and poisonous gas detection, CCTV systems and Wi-Fi security cameras that capture every detail, and our intelligent ADT Smart Home security.

Get a Free Quote at ADT!

ADT have been looking after the things our customers hold dear since 1874. Home security is what they do best because it’s all they’ve ever done. There will always be newer alarm companies than ADT (we’d hope so after nearly 150 years).

And, yes, there may be cheaper alarm companies, too. But when it comes to home security, we still don’t think anyone offers better value than ADT Home Security.

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