Benefits Of Using Premium Domain Names For WordPress Websites
  • 07/05/2022
  • By Jacob Graves
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6 Benefits Of Using Premium Domain Names For WordPress Websites

Why would anyone pay through the roof to purchase premium domain names for WordPress websites? Especially when they can get one easily at low costs on any dependable hosting service. This article will help you understand the reason people spend so much money buying such exclusive URLs. here we have listed all the advantages that owners of such domains enjoy. Even if you are converting HTML to WordPress or remodeling an existing interface, you must think about buying such domains. This will positively impact the online visibility of your website and also help establish your business quickly. Let’s take a detailed look at the complete list of benefits of using such virtual names.

1. Helpful In Creating Instant Brand Recognition

One of the biggest advantages of using such titles is the instant recognition they provide to a product or service. There are various reasons which make a term more valuable than the other. Most of the time, short and easily memorized terms are considered to be more precious. Another important attribute of such phrases is that they precisely communicate their industry or profession. Memorable and easy to spell character and descriptive nature are desirable branding elements. Choosing such titles helps a business get easily recognized by the target audience. This also helps save money which would have otherwise been spent in shaping customers’ perception of the brand.

2. Provides A Sense Of Trust To The Audience

Modern internet users are aware that an easily recognizable term cannot be procured cheaply. A unique and catchy term with a popular extension like “.com” will inspire trust in visitors. For instance, a URL like will always be treated as more reliable than a name like This is because people understand that only a serious operator will purchase a prime property like They are more likely to purchase from such interfaces because of increased trust. Moreover, this trust will be extended to other areas like business communication as well. The domain will be a part of the business e-mail ID and convey professionalism to the e-mail recipients.

3. Gives Access To Semantic Value Of The Term

Once you buy such an exclusive asset, you automatically get access to its linguistic or generic interpretation. Prospective customers will immediately understand the nature of your business simply by looking at the URL. It takes a lot of time before people start associating a brand with an industry or a professional category. Unless you sell a product that is the only one of its kind, it is difficult to achieve brand-industry association immediately. However, the semantic value attached to the exclusive title allows your audience to link the brand with your industry. This is one of the biggest advantages of buying premium domain names for WordPress websites.

4. Helpful In Building Partnerships

Entrepreneurs need external assistance to grow and expand their venture. They need dependable vendors to procure good quality raw materials and able distributors to sell the finished products. Moreover, they need to partner with other entities to improve their processes or create better goods. A rare but memorable term will be helpful in attracting reputable entities towards the organization. They will treat the custom URL as a sign of quality and trustworthiness. This will influence their decision to join hands with your enterprise. The domain, therefore, will be valuable in building fruitful associations which will help in increasing the returns on investment.

5. Facilitates Easy Social Sharing

A strong social media presence has become imperative for promoting a business. People include social sharing buttons on their interfaces so that visitors can easily share the matter on their profiles. This helps in popularizing a venture as the brand gets mentioned across various digital platforms. However, many users have to employ URL shorteners to alter the links they want to share. This usually happens with regular domains which become too long after the addition of the path of a specific page. In some instances, this can conceal the actual domain which means a lost opportunity as people cannot see the brand. Purchasing an exclusive product prevents such scenarios and you can optimize the impact of your social media posts.

6. Positively Impacts The Direct Traffic

You cannot expect a rise in search rankings simply because of a special domain name. Google takes into account a range of factors before finalizing its SERP positions. Such URLs can help in building links with other authoritative domains in the same category. However, premium titles can have a positive impact on the direct traffic of the website. The terms are memorable and help users in identifying the parent industry. A lot of people will remember and type the name in the browser rather than conducting a search. The boosted traffic will help in improved online visibility and also impact the revenue generated by the enterprise.


Buying premium domain names for WordPress websites can be a good idea. However, business owners must assess the financial implications of the strategy along with the expected gains before moving ahead to purchase an exclusive property.

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