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  • 07/05/2022
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These 5 Fitness Apps are ALL You’ll Need to Get in Shape

Committing to working out at a gym, or joining a fitness class such as the cult-like Cross Fit, has never been easy nor cheap – at least not for the masses. Many people simply do not have the have time, budget, energy and/or discipline. The end result is that they end up giving up, and accepting that getting out of shape is a fact of life, especially the older they get. And by out of shape, we don’t just mean the actual “shape”, but the overall health and well-being. We claim that we have come across the perfect solution – the holy grail of fitness: relying on smartphones and fitness apps.

Here, at EDEALO we believe in saving money to be able to afford more, and ultimately lead an overall life of abundance. That’s why we endorse the oh-so-cheap option of “working in”, which is basically working out indoors at your very own personal space; namely at home, office, hotel room, dorm room, etc. It’s actually easy if you think about it. You can just download a good fitness app to your smartphone – and voila you’ve got yourself a personal trainer; one that doesn’t charge you by the hour for that matter. In addition, there’ll be no more driving, nor committing to a fixed time slot. An app is all it takes.

Most apps don’t even require any extra equipment, as most of them use your own body weight, which is the entire rationale behind the “bodyweight” class of exercises. They also rely on high-intensity interval training or the Tabata protocol. The training routines in some apps don’t even require more than four minutes of your time. Yes, four minutes, that’s it!

Here are the top five fitness apps that we’ve tried and that are now part of our daily regimen for getting, and staying in shape.  They are very effective and have given us good results over the past couple of years. Even better, they’re available to download for FREE, unless you’ll opt for a Pro version.

You can also check our Apps DEAL page for a list of other paid Apps that are currently FREE or discounted.

Happy training, everyone!

Results App

fitness apps runtastic results

Quick 4 App

fitness app quick 4


fitness app sworkit

VT Bodyweight App

fitness apps bodyweight

Seven App

fitness apps seven

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