World’s Most Festive Cities
  • 07/05/2022
  • By Ankita
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4 World’s Most Festive Cities to Celebrate Christmas this Year!

A happy family seated at a dining table near a snow-covered window showing street twinkled up with fairy lights. Sounds like a fictional scene? Well, this might be a dream Christmas celebration for all of us, but would you like to do something different this Christmas? Different like celebrating this wonderful occasion at an unknown place with unknown people?

We all love Christmas, right? The decoration, Christmas gifts online, everything about Christmas gets us on our toes.

Christmas is a global festival that people celebrate regardless of their religion and location. Thus, Christmas is not just a celebration, but it is a festival that brings the whole world under one beautifully decorated Christmas tree.

The celebration of the Christmas festival divides people into two categories; the first group likes to sit back on the couch on their home and relax on Christmas eve. While the other group is a bit of an explorer, they love to explore destinations around the world. If you are from the relaxing group, then your life is sorted, you can carry on with your work, and Merry Christmas! But if you belong to the second group, and would instead put on your shoes and would like to go on a world expedition, then this article is just for you.

You know the aura of a place can help you enhance the Christmas vibes.

If you are tempted to skip the town this Christmas, then here are some places around the world that are best to celebrate Christmas. Pack your bags because it’s time to see how the rest of the world celebrates Christmas.

4 world’s most festive cities to celebrate Christmas this year!

New York, USA

Let’s begin the list with the most famous place in the world, and that is new york. The celebration in the big apple in new york is something you should definitely be a part of at least once. Like you get to witness Rockefeller’s tallest Christmas tree, then across the street, there is Christmas spectacular at the radio city music hall. There is an endless number of Christmas activities and celebrations happening there that it is impossible to take part in each and every one of them. You must already have an idea about how Christmas celebration in big apple looks like, thanks to the endless movies made on it. Thus, Christmas and December in New York are simply magical.

Cape Town, South Africa

Now, let’s move a bit to the south. If you are planning to ditch winter this Christmas, then cake town in South Africa is your place to go. Yes, its summer in the southern hemisphere (all year long). Cape town celebrates Christmas in a unique way. There is an outdoor screening of “home alone” movie at the Kirstenbosch botanical gardens on 25th December at 8:30 p.m. You must be wondering what’s the fun of Christmas without snowfall and chilly winters, right? But just imagine, you can explore through South African cities and holiday markets without having to wear long coats and woolen scarves.

Goa, India

Coming back to India, here is the third place that is worth visiting on Christmas. Goa in India is popular for its night-long parties on the beaches, never-ending beer, and a hippy vibe. Then you get to witness midnight mass in the church and little kids singing beautiful Christmas carols. What would sum up a Christmas celebration better if not this? Not only that, if you make up your mind to be in goa at the time of Christmas, you get to enjoy the sunburn festival, Asia’s biggest music, and dance festival.

Well, for your budged holiday plan, goa is your go-to place, and believe me, you won’t regret it.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

If you are more of a beauty admirer, then Amsterdam can be your ideal place. The modern infrastructure and medieval architecture are loaded with white lights all around the place, and those lights are reflected in the clear canals. You know what they say, that Santa was born in Amsterdam. One more reason to visit this place.

These were some places you can visit when away from home this Christmas. Add a twist in your Christmas celebration in 2019 and end the year with some memories and experience. I would suggest that make it a point to visit at least one new place during Christmas. It is the best way to spend your holiday season. You can even enjoy Christmas plum cake at these places.

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