• 07/05/2022
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3 Jobber Features to Increase Your Revenue

Whether you’ve started your business from the ground up or received a promotion to the Management Team, the feeling is always the same – running a business is hard work!

On top of keeping your customers happy and your company afloat, there are a million other little things that go into running a successful business. There’s managing software, paying your employees, trends to keep up with, the list goes on.

Thanks to companies like Jobber, you can not only streamline the way you run your business but grow your business with ease.

Voted #1 most popular and most affordable Service Scheduling Software and App, Jobber has been in the business of helping small businesses succeed since 2011. Since launching, businesses using Jobber have serviced over 10 million people in more than 43 countries, delivering over $6 billion annually, and growing, in services to their customers. Their software includes powerful scheduling, online invoicing and payments, just to name a few. Thanks to their features, businesses can become more efficient and look more professional with everything they need in one place.

3 Jobber Features to Increase Your Revenue

When it comes to payments, stop chasing down your clients and customers. Instead, Jobber allows you to accept credit cards on the job site with an incredibly easy set-up that’s secure. If you’re worried about cost, Jobber Payments is included in their already affordable monthly subscription plan with competitive processing rates.

To get an even better understanding of how Jobber Payments can help your business, check out their article about epayments and why it’s the way to go versus any other type.

Another feature that Jobber offers and is new this year is Marketing Automation powered by Mailchimp. Mailchimp is a world-leading marketing platform that lets you send marketing emails, create targeted ad campaigns, build landing pages, send postcards, and get powerful reporting and analytics, all in one place.

Thanks to this integration, you don’t need to hire an expensive company or spend lots of money to get started with your digital marketing campaigns. It’s all done by you with Jobber.

Speaking of new features, just recently, Jobber unveiled Online Booking to help businesses attract new customers by making it easy to book services through their website or social media channels. That means your more likely to get the conversion with your customers being able to book what they need with just a few clicks. It’s convenient and makes for an overall better customer experience.

There are even more features to learn about that Jobber offers. Head over to their site and get started on growing your business with software that’s both affordable and easy-to-use.

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